Last month I was asked to change the whole UI of my company’s product, as design was not great and didn’t match the current UI wars. Now being a developer it was completely a different task for me. After doing a little research, we used Twitter Bootstrap toolkit. So, current stage is that whole product is using Bootstrap css and js in a week. Some answers:

Do design and the interface look good?
The grid speaks itself, playing around with rows and spans are much easier and less time consuming. I just dropped my content in the html with the bootstrap appropriate class and its done! The whole design looks Consistent throughout the product. Navigations, NavTabs, Forms, Paginations, Alerts, BreadCrumbs etc all are easy to integrate with so much of less code to write.

Does javascript components are good?
With bootstrap, I could easily manipulate modal windows alerts, tooltips, popover, button etc. Integration was simple and fast to accomplish the results.

Is it responsive?
Bootstrap is responsive. All just works fine, when I shifted the product from a laptop to iPad or phone. Bootstrap adapts to the change in platforms with super speed and efficiency.

The Bootstrap docs speak themselves, they are neat, clean and to the point.

What is the Boss’s reaction?
From my perspective, I didn’t spend a lot of time in learning but definitely working knowledge of web development concepts like HTML and CSS were required. It was a immediate quality and efficient work.


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