Its your personal cloud, its your data and nobody cares !

The Cloud is nothing but The Internet. The Cloud Computing is nothing but The Service over Network. It comes in three forms: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrids clouds.
Public clouds are the ones in which service and infrastructure are provided by some 3rd party over the internet, but the problems with public clouds are security, control, privacy etc. Private clouds are the ones in which service and infrastructure are maintained over a private network, but the problem is, it is over a private network. Some companies started offering private version of their public clouds, but not worth it.

So what we need is public accessibility, control of the data, security, privacy and something which is personal, and to this kind of cloud, people call as Personal Cloud. As by the names it suggests its personal localized cloud accessible from anywhere all the time. It can be maintained by Individual, Family, Business etc.
Honestly, it doesn’t sound that steamy. Lets think, Did a common guy ever thought of accessing the data anywhere before existence of any public cloud service providers?. I guess ‘NO’.
Same way only few people feel the need of securing and having full control of their data rite now, eventually others will too.

As we talk about personal cloud, some expectations comes up in the mind, which could be:
– Easy installation of the cloud.
– Easy to maintain.
– Easy to use.
– Good support.
– Can handle lot of data.
– Can run on low config machines.
– Supports all the devices.
– Can be accessed from anywhere.
If any personal cloud provider meets these expectations, its a hit !!

Lets take an example: Here we have a family of four people. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their children Alice and Bob.
They have installed a personal cloud on their home machine and lets call their cloud as MrAndMrsSmith’s cloud. The data resides on personal cloud and can be synced across multiple devices. Everybody have their devices to access the data from anywhere they want, it may be mobile, laptop, Desktop etc. They start using their cloud by uploading and downloading files to/from their own cloud.

Here Mrs. Smith keep uploading her pics from her mobile on the cloud and Mr. Smith gets to see her pics instantly without doing anything on his laptop through automatic Synchronization. Mrs. Smith also uploads some delicious recipes which she only wants to share with her friends, means you get to decide to whom you want to give control of the data.
Mr. Smith put some important documents on the cloud and which he only wants Mrs. Smith to see but not Alice & Bob.
Alice & Bob keeps their video games, ebooks and funny stuff on the cloud which they wanna share with their friends.
Smiths by themselves maintain their home cloud, which is a easy management of digital data and also they get their privacy and they get to own their data. They felt the need of personal cloud and they are using it. This actually changed the way they use to store, manage or share the data earlier.

Trillions of gigs of digital data is being generated every year and surely good proportion of that data comes under the category of personal data. Lets secure it !!


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